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Sunday, 1 January 2006

Raising the DOXA SUB


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Raising the DOXA SUB:
In the early 1980s, the DOXA SUB, the world’s first orange-dial dive watch, disappeared and was not produced for 20 years. Now it has resurfaced with a splash.

The DOXA SUB dive watch, it must besaid, deserved a better fate. It debuted in 1967 and boasted a number of historical firsts: the first Swiss commercial divers’ watch, first divers’ watch with an orange dial, firstwatch with a no-decompression dive table bezel, and the first, in 1969, with a helium re-lease valve. But, impressive as the DOXA SUB 300T was,fate dealt it a cruel blow. It had the misfortune to be a thick, oversized mechanical born just as history was ushering in a new era of sleek, elec-tronic watches. The DOXA SUB, with its 43x45x13 mm case and 17-jewel, self-winding Swiss movement could with stand pressure at 990 feet deep and temperatures 76 degrees below 0. But it could not withstand the crest-ing tide of time technology. It was doomed from the day it debuted. In 1978, Switzerland’s Montres DOXA, reeling from the quartz crisis,was sold. A few years later, production of the orange-faced SUB stopped.

Now, in a surprising twist, fate seems to be smiling on the DOXA SUB, 25 years after its demise. Four years ago, the Jenny family of Bi-enne, Switzerland, which has owned DOXA since 1990, and marketing expert Rick Marei launched a re-edition of the original DOXA SUB sold exclusively on the company website Since then, the watch has been living the lavida loca: It’s had a starring role in hit Holly-wood movie, will have its story told in a soon-to-be-published book, and is worshipped by arabid fan club at and other websites where fellow “doxaholics”share their passion for what they consider ahorological rock star. So strong is the DOXA revival in America that Marei, now DOXA’s European-based managing director, is in the process of establishing a newsubsidiary in the United States, DOXA Watches USA. He plans to shift DOXA’s Internet-only re-tail sales policy to an authorized dealer structurethrough fine watch and jewelry stores. In addi-tion to the orange-faced SUB re-edition, DOXA sells re-editions of other DOXA blasts from the past like the SUB Sharkhunter and SUB T-Graph automatic chronograph as well as the Flieger II (based on a model from 1948) and the Deco (from 1956). For now, the entire DOXA Re-edi-tion Collection is available at the Doxa website, ranging in price from $900 to $3,600.

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