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Wednesday, 13 February 2008



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DOXA is perhaps one of the most influential watch companies in terms of helping to make diving more accessible to the general public. The original DOXA SUB 300 was designed and engineered with the goal of not merely producing a dive watch, but rather an indispensable piece of dive equipment. The DOXA SUB 300 was not only the world's first orange faced diving watch, but it was also the first dive watch equipped with The US Navy's no-decompression dive table limits incorporated into the bezel! DOXA also produced the first dive watch equipped with a Helium Release Valve (The Conquistador) available to the general public.

Just as DOXA has developed cutting edge watches to aid divers everywhere, PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has perhaps done more than any other organization to promote diving as a participation sport. Through education, development and continuing promotion of the sport, it is safe to say that when people think diving, they think PADI!

In recognition of all that PADI has done to promote diving in the US and around the world, DOXA was pleased and honored to visit the PADI Worldwide main office in Southern California on October 16th, and present two of their key officers with the DOXA 1000T
Professional. Brian P. Cronin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PADI Worldwide (on the right). Dr. Drew Richardson is President and Chief Operating Officer of PADI Worldwide(on the left).






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