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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Worlds Longest Unassisted Arctic Expedition


DOXA - Official Timekeeper of the TISO Trans Greenland Expedition.

DOXA was pround to serve as the Official Timekeeper for the TISO Trans Greenland Expedition this past summer. July 16th saw the completion of this arduous journeyAlex Hibbert (21) and George Bullard (19) of Great Britain completed a 1374 mile expedition across Greenland in the Tiso Trans Greenland Expedition. JuneThis is the longest, fully unsupported polar expedition in history. And DOXA is extremely proud to have been a part of it.

DOXA supplied a DOXA SUB 1000T Professional and 750T professional for use by the pair, and according to Alex Hibbert – “The watches were faultless. Brilliant!. A little dirtier than they began (!)”

In an un-forgiving environment such as this, an accurate time keeper is paramount to survival, and can be the difference between making your next landmark, or disaster.






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