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Friday, 22 February 2008

DOXA Heads to the Arctic


DOXA is proud to be the official Timekeepers
of the Tiso Trans Greenland expedition

1400 miles unsupported in the Arctic

- Pair of young men to make polar history -

Two young men are set to make polar history as part of a British team trekking fully unsupported across Arctic Greenland on a new 1,400 mile route this March.

The Tiso Trans Greenland is a major deviation from recent polar expeditions which have heavily relied on guides, established routes and support – the team will return to the roots of polar travel. The expedition will be the longest fully unsupported polar journey in history. The record is currently held by Norwegians Rune Gjeldnes and Torry Larsen who travelled 1305 miles (2100km) unsupported across the Arctic Ocean. As they reached their destination, Canada, in 2000, a doctor assessed that the pair were 48 hours from death.

The audacious pair comprises expedition leader Alex Hibbert, 21, (Portsmouth) and George Bullard 19, (Norfolk) who has recently returned from the sub-Antarctic with London based charity BSES Expeditions. Alex is a recent Oxford graduate, athlete and photographer who plans to begin commando training with the Royal Marines Young Officer Batch of 2008. At 15, he was one of the youngest people to ever complete the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster Kayak Race and climbs regularly in the Alps. George is an accomplished open water swimmer and all round endurance athlete. With his coach, Nick Adams, took on the English Channel in 2003, a swim around Manhattan in 2004 and around Barbados in 2006.
They are undertaking the route which includes un-trodden areas starting from the coast near Kulusuk without support or resupplies, and are seeking charity sponsorship to enhance their goal. They will have no kites, dogs or motorised power, and the pair have to drag sledges weighing more than 330 lbs each in temperatures ranging from minus 30 degrees Celsius. Travelling for over three months from late March, the team will endure the tough Spring conditions including darkness and heavy storms.

Unlike the majority of polar expeditions which are limited by when air support can afford to perform a pickup, the Tiso Trans Greenland will be limited less artificially. The team has finite supplies of food and fuel - their challenge will be to reach the east coast before either run out.

Raising awareness for cancer is key to the expedition, particularly in partnership with the Breast Cancer Haven. This is in addition to the substantial funds that have already been raised for past charities, Cancer Research UK and Maggie’s Cancer Centres. Alex’s previous projects have raised £20,000 to date for charity and the team are keen to surpass this total by raising the project’s profile and engaging the public.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

DOXA Rewards the PADI Pros!


DOXA Rewards the PADI Pros

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For many divers both recreational and professional, the orange DOXA SUB is synonymous with professional grade equipment. PADI and DOXA are teaming up to recognize the hardest working professionals in diving – PADI Instructors.
The 2008 Go PRO Challenge Professional Rating Contest recognizes PADI Professionals for completing professional-level courses and certifying divers. The first prize for the Professional Rating Contest is the DOXA SUB 5000T Professional, and will be awarded to the winner in each of PADI’s five Regions: PADI International Limited (UK)/Nordic, PADI Asia Pacific, PADI Europe, PADI Americas / Canada and PADI Japan.

Rick Marei (Marketing Manager of DOXA Watches LTD) had this to say: “To me, PADI stands for diving! It’s rewarding for all of us at DOXA to participate with the PADI Offices to recognize the ongoing commitment of PADI Professionals around the world. Since 1967, the DOXA SUB has been standard equipment for professional divers around the world. Back in the seventies, some of the world’s most accomplished divers relied on a DOXA SUB, the worlds’ only dive watch equipped with the patented non decompression bezel. World-famous divers like Philippe Cousteau, rely on a DOXA SUB to back up their dive computer. It’s only fitting that today’s top dive professionals who work tirelessly to promote diving and diver education globally also have DOXA’s flagship (the SUB 5000T) to rely on, too!”



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DOXA is perhaps one of the most influential watch companies in terms of helping to make diving more accessible to the general public. The original DOXA SUB 300 was designed and engineered with the goal of not merely producing a dive watch, but rather an indispensable piece of dive equipment. The DOXA SUB 300 was not only the world's first orange faced diving watch, but it was also the first dive watch equipped with The US Navy's no-decompression dive table limits incorporated into the bezel! DOXA also produced the first dive watch equipped with a Helium Release Valve (The Conquistador) available to the general public.

Just as DOXA has developed cutting edge watches to aid divers everywhere, PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has perhaps done more than any other organization to promote diving as a participation sport. Through education, development and continuing promotion of the sport, it is safe to say that when people think diving, they think PADI!

In recognition of all that PADI has done to promote diving in the US and around the world, DOXA was pleased and honored to visit the PADI Worldwide main office in Southern California on October 16th, and present two of their key officers with the DOXA 1000T
Professional. Brian P. Cronin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PADI Worldwide (on the right). Dr. Drew Richardson is President and Chief Operating Officer of PADI Worldwide(on the left).






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