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Monday, 6 April 2009

DOXA 1889 - The history of DOXA!


We are proud to announce the release of
DOXA 1889
This is a beautiful hard cover book that covers DOXA from the earliest days to the present.

Topics like the original 8-day movement, DOXA's involvement with the emergining auto industry, the Grafic, and the rare and sought-after "jumping second" are all covered!

DOXA's development of watches for the military, and of course - the DOXA SUB!

This fantastic book gives you the whole DOXA story from Georges Ducommun's vision, through the 1900's to the current leadership today with Romeo Jenny - DOXA's Managing Director.

DOXA 1889 is available now for $69.00 (US) PLUS shipping.

HAPPY 120th Anniversary DOXA!

DOXA's 120th Anniversary Event


Friends, Forum Members and Fans -

As many of you know, 2009 is a very important year for DOXA.

This marks our 120th Anniversary in the watch business

and there have been many things happening behind the scenes to make sure that this year will be the best so far!
On Saturday, March 28th we had
a combination Press Event/Party to celebrate!

Of course the usual suspects were there -
watch press, distributors and retail partners
but some other folks showed up as well!

And our colleague Mehdi Guenin did a fantastic job as

Master of Ceremonies! Mehdi is the Media &

Public Relations Manager for DOXA Switzerland

and continues to work tirelessly to help spread the word!

One of our VIP guests was Mrs. Huguenin of the world-famous
Le Locle Watchmaking Museum.
This is widely regarded as one of (if not the)
best horological museums in the world.

As many of you know, the Le Locle Watchmaking Museum is housed in the Chateau des Monts,
and perhaps not coincidentally, this was at one time the home of our founder - Georges Ducommun.

Another guest of honor was Mr. Jean-Frederic Jauslin, the Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, and interestingly enough the son of one of DOXA's former Directors. Mr. Jauslin's father was DOXA's Director from 1958 - 1965!

In addition we had many other important folks including our intrepid Forum member and good friend - SMSgt Bo! This, in fact, was one of the best parts of Basel this year - several of our customers came by to visit and we always enjoy seeing them. This was SMSgt Bo's second annual visit - it could become a regular event for us!

We also were pleased to have the President of PADI Europe - Jack LeVanchy, and the new Manager for Project AWARE Europe - Dominic Ziegler, who captivated a big group of folks with stories of diving in the Galapagos!

We will be posting more on the event tomorrow, and the following days with much more detail and info - this is just the basics.

We are also bringing you some new and exciting products during this 120th Anniversary year, so please stay tuned!






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